3 years since the launch of number portability in Republic of Moldova

In three years since the launch of the number portability service in Moldova, the quantity of ported telephone numbers of users from one network to another has grew steadily.

Number portability in mobile networks was launched on 1 July 2013 and in fixed networks - 31 July 2013. Moldovans who migrated to another operator, but kept their phone number were more numerous year to year: in 2013 were ported 28.550 numbers, in 2014 were ported 37.685 numbers, in 2015 the quantity increased up to 47.815 ported numbers. Thus the total amount of realised portings until 30 June 2016 is 132.889 numbers.

At this stage 121.602 numbers were ported in mobile networks, constituting 1.94% of the total of 6.260.000 mobile numbers. In case of fixed telephone network, quantity of ported numbers is 11.287, constituting 0.73% of the total 1.544.078 of digital fixed numbers in Moldova.

After the implementation of number portability, Moldova has joined those over 70 states, including the 28 European Union countries where portability works for several years. Unlike many other states, in our country no one operator involved in porting process does not charge any fee for providing this service to users.

Management of portability service by Administrator CDB is regulated by ANRCETI, the institution that establishes the rules for the communications market in Moldova. Management is realised with support of mobile and fixed operators, giving the opportunity for subscribers to keep their telephone numbers when changing operator. This gives them a greater freedom of choice.

Management of number porting process, including exchange of information about ported numbers between operators is done through the centralized database which was realised and is managed by the Î.C.S "NP Base" SRL company. CDB includes a web application that provides access to blocks of numbers whitch contain portable numbers, as well as a search engine for end users. Via this engine users can verify in which network were ported any mobile or fixed number. CDB will also inform user if number can not be ported because this belongs to block of analog numbers.

Telephone number became an personality identification element, thats why for users is hard to abandon this number. In many cases, users doesn't profit of more advantageous new offers on the market because of necessity to change the phone number, which the person possesses many years and which has acquired a sentimental or economic value. 

Number portability removes the fear of losing user's personal phone number, which is a phone number for life!

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Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181