In July, it has been one year since telephone number portability became available in the Republic of Moldova

In July, it has been one year since telephone number portability became available in the Republic of Moldova. The service was launched on July 1, 2013 in mobile networks and on July 31, 2013 – in fixed line networks. According to the data of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), a total of 44 720 numbers were ported, which means that 40 376 (90%) mobile and 4 344 (10%) fixed telephone numbers changed networks, not owners.
The number portability removed a serious obstacle to the users’ freedom of choice, enabling them to keep their telephone numbers when they decide to switch providers. During one year since its launch, no spectacular leaps whatsoever occurred in the evolution of number portability. However, in the second half of 2013 a total of 28 550 numbers were ported, in the first half of 2014 – 16 170. Currently, the share of mobile numbers ported in relation to the quantum of such numbers assigned to providers makes up 0,8%, the share of fixed numbers – 0,3%.
When asked if the numbers ported so far are many or few, ANRCETI Director, Grigore Varanita mentioned that the result of number portability implementation is reflected not as much in the quantum of the ported numbers, as in the efforts made by providers to retain their customers and attract new ones. As a result of number portability implementation, telephone users started to enjoy broader freedom of choice and stronger capacity for negotiating with providers, which factor made the latter do the utmost keep their customers and attract others by more convenient offers, at more favorable prices, emphasized Grigore Varanita.
Before the launch of number portability, the three mobile and fixed providers developed new offers for the users for a one-year period, which, for the first time in Moldova, included unlimited calls to all telephone networks in country, mobile broadband, SMS and international calls at lower prices. When asked what will happen with the mobile prices after the expiry of those offers, Grigore Varanita said that ANRCETI does not regulate retail prices for mobile services, adding that the regulator expects providers to launch new attractive offers after July 1.
Statistical data available with ANRCETI show that, during one year, JSC “Moldcell” received the biggest number of new numbers in its network – 24 812. Second and third top are JSC „Orange Moldova” and JSC SA „Moldteleom” („Unite”), which received 8 038 and 7 526 numbers accordingly. The 4 344 fixed numbers were ported to the networks of the 18 fixed telephone providers. From those, biggest quantity of numbers were ported to the networks of „Starnet Soluţii” LLC (2 351), JSC „Orange Moldova” (1 231) and „Arax-Impex” LLC (238). ANRCETI specialists explain the insignificant number of ported fixed numbers by the lack of alternative fixed networks of national coverage and the impossibility of the subscribers connected by means of analog technologies to have their numbers ported.
After the implementation of number portability, Moldova aligned with the 70 states, including the 28 European Union countries, where this service has been working for several years. Unlike some European countries, in Moldova no provider involved in number portability charges any fee for providing this service.
More information on the porting process is available on ANRCETI Web page, section Number Portability.

Source - ANRCETI

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