In the last three months (July - September 2013) in Moldova have been ported over 16,500 telephone numbers

In the last three months (July - September 2013) in Moldova have been ported over 16,500 telephone numbers, the largest amount of ported numbers - 6322 - was recorded in July. Out of total ported numbers, 15 616 are mobile numbers and 914 are fixed numbers (August-September).
More than 15 600 mobile numbers have been ported into the networks of three providers that works on this market and more than 900 fixed telephone numbers - into 12 providers’ networks. The average duration of administrative procedures for porting a phone number did not exceed the limit set by regulations 5 working days. In the period 1st of July – 10th October 2013, in central database (CDB) for number portability were registered more than 19 600 porting requests for mobile and fixed numbers.
The amount of requests submitted and the amount of ported numbers correspond to the estimations made by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MTIC) and National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI). MTIC and ANRCETI specialists qualifies the results within three months as encouraging for successful implementation of number portability in Moldova. They consider that after implementation of this service, freedom of choice for telephony users and their bargaining power with providers increased, this factor has led providers to make further efforts to maintain its customers and to attract new users with better offers at lower prices.
Number portability allows end users to keep their phone number when switching the provider. From 1st and 31 of July 2013, mobile phone users and, respectively, fixed phone users from Moldova can benefit of this service within 5 working days from the request submission at chosen provider.
Can be ported fixed numbers, mobile numbers and numbers for services from strings "8" and "9". Portability is only within the same category (fixed - fixed, mobile - mobile).

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Example of fixed / mobile operators: 22151515/67818181